AGE smart™

New Product: Daily Superfoliant

This new product opens pores and detoxifies damaging pollutants while it resurfaces the skin.  In addition, its anti-adherence complex protects the skin.

While Daily Microfoliant is meant for all skin conditions, Daily Superfoliant targets normal to mature or prematurely-aging skin.

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant

New Product: Phyto replenish oil

New Phyto replenish oil from dermalogica deliver benefits such as:

> Antioxidant protection
> Nourishment and hydration
> Skin barrier protection and repair
> Soothe inflammation and sensitivity
> Silky smooth finish and dewy glow.

Dermalogica phyto replenish oil

Dermalogica phyto replenish oil

1- Skin Resurfacing Cleanser   AGE smart (Mature or prematurely-aging skin.)

Using Lactic Acid, this cleanser exfoliates and dramatically smoothes skin that is struggling with the signs of aging.  This is a dual-action cleanser because while the lactic acid exfoliates, Antioxidant Vitamin E fortifies the skin’s natural moisture.  Skin sensitivity is calmed with soothing Rose Flower Oil.  Can be used daily to help prepare for further AGE Smart products.

150 ml – $53.00

2- Antioxidant Hydramist   AGE smart (Mature or prematurely-aging skin.)

A refreshing antioxidant spritz using White Tea, Licorice and Vitamin E to fight free radicals and intensely hydrate dry, dehydrated skin.  Vitamin C complex and collagen-stimulating peptides encourage elasticity and reduce fine lines.  Hyaluronic Acid helps hydrate while Pea Extract helps to firm.  Rose and Clove are used to comfort and refresh.

150 ml – $54.00

3- Multivitamin Thermafoliant   AGE smart (Mature or prematurely-Aging Skin).  Not recommended for environmentally-sensitized skin. A self-heating masque or skin polisher which refines skin.  The thermal technology enhances penetration of age-fighting ingredients into the skin.  Vitamin E helps smooth the skin while Vitamin C stimulates collagen.

75 ml – $69.00

4- MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque A masque for mature or premature aging skin. Concentrated anti oxidant vitamins help  sooth damaged skin associated with aging. Skin’s barrier, and cell renewal are enhanced .

75 ml – $65.00

5- MAP-15 Regenerator   AGE smart (Mature or prematurely-aging skin.)

Hydration, firmness and elasticity are dramatically increased with this revolutionary powder-to-emulsion Vitamin C concentrate.  Uses Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP) to firm and brighten skin.

8 g – $114.00

6- MultiVitamin Power Serum A velvety  microencapsulated serum with vitamins to help treat hyper pigmentation , smoothness and firmness. Included in this serum  retinoid to help fight sun damage ; and a peptide to stimulate collagen production.

22 ml – $92.00

7- Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30   AGE smart (Mature or prematurely-aging skin.)

An emollient daily SPF moisturizer that helps prevent the signs of skin aging.

50 ml – $86.00

8- Super Rich Repair   AGE smart (Chronically dry skin.)

Ointment-like cream fights extreme temperature and environmental conditions.  This moisturizer helps replenish very dry, dehydrated skin.

50g – $106.00

9- SkinPerfect Primer SPF30   AGE smart (Mature or prematurely-aging skin.)

A tinted primer to smooth fine lines and even out skin texture.  Can be used alone or under make-up. Pearl powder and natural earth minerals provide neutral tint.  Uses Silicones and Soy Protein to create a smoother surface.  Peptide helps firm skin while spf 30 protects the skin from UV rays.

22 ml – $67.00

10- Power Rich   AGE smart (Mature or prematurely-aging skin.)

A maximum-intensity moisturizer which stimulates collagen, thereby helping smooth away fine lines and increase elasticity.  Peptides and nourishing vitamins help reverse the signs of skin aging.

each – $256.00

11- Overnight Repair Serum   AGE smart (Mature or prematurely-aging skin.)

Overnight peptide serum with Argan and Rose oils which repairs skin, adding luster and smoothing fine lines.  Helps stimulate collagen.

15 ml – $89.00

12- Over Night Retinol Repair (Vitamin A)

A highly-active molecule that effectively reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots; often reserved for more mature skin,

30 ml – $110.50

13- Age Reversal Eye Complex   AGE smart (Mature or prematurely-aging skin.)

Uses Retinol to address concerns of the eye area: primarily ‘crows’ feet’, puffiness, and, dark circles. Sensitivity due to dehydration is reversed.

15 ml – $107.00

14 – Multivitamin Power Firm   AGE smart (Mature or prematurely-aging skin.)

Powerful firming complex reduces lines around the eye area especially more mature skin.  Uses Vitamins A, C and E to improve elasticity.  Organic Silicones and Seaweed Extract also help smooth skin and reduce fine lines.

15 ml – $74.00

15- Renewal Lip Complex   AGE smart (Mature or prematurely-aging skin.)

Prevents dryness and fine lines on delicate lips.  Smoothes and conditions more mature skin.

1.75 ml – $36.00

16- Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment   AGE smart (All skin conditions.)

Intense and non-greasy treatment to nourish hands and strengthen nails.  Prevents skin aging.

75 ml – $36.00