Introduction: Hair loss can be a distressful experience for both men and women, affecting not only our physical appearance but also our self-confidence. In the delving for effective hair restoration solutions, micro-needling treatment has emerged as a promising option. This innovative technique, originally used for skin rejuvenation, has gained attention for its potential in stimulating […]

Sleep on a silk pillowcase. We are all used to “crunches” of our regular cotton pillowcases, but try silk ones where the face “slides” smoothly. It will help prevent scrunching up and ultimately wrinkling your face. Eat the rainbow. Because most people want a healthy glow, not a sallow one, it is wise to look […]

Melasma, Ochronosis causes

Melasma or (Chloasma) is patterned pigmentation on the face particularly over cheeks, and forehead especially in women. Melasma can be idiopathic (no cause) or it can be a result of taking birth control pills or during pregnancy. In the latter case, the pigmentation will fade gradually once you stop taking the pill or after pregnancy, […]

Solutions for Brown Spots, Age Spots, Sun spots removal!

As we now know, hyperpigmentation comes in many forms that are usually called age spots, sun spots, brown spots and melasma. But common to all is the presence of melanin in the body. Ephelides, Lentigo, and Pigmented naevi are all similar in nature.  Dysplastic naevi, and Malignant melanoma have much in common. Melasma or (Chloasma), […]

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