Laser Spider Veins Treatment

Spider veins usually look like spider webs. They may be red, blue, or purple and can be found anywhere on the face or body. Spider veins are blood vessels that are slightly enlarged and usually increase in number with age. Fortunately, there are solutions for removing them.

Laser is an effective non-invasive treatment to remove spider veins from the skin. During treatment, laser light is focused and absorbed by the chromophore which is responsible for the blood color. As a result of the heat generated, spider veins collapse and fade. This is a non-invasive procedure and may require more than one treatment to get the best results.

The main benefits of laser spider vein treatments are:

  • The procedure is safe and quick, with little or no downtime.
  • Laser treatment has been used successfully for more than 30 years
  • The laser light and heat are focused and absorbed in the spider vein and do not damage the epidermis or surrounding tissue.
  • The treatment is highly effective often with immediate results or fading of the veins in a few weeks.

The side effects of the treatment are minor and may include:

  • Temporary redness, bruising, itching, and swelling
  • Rarely permanent skin tone changes

Don’t hesitate to book an appointment for a free consultation. You have nothing to lose but those unpleasant spider veins.