Well let’s start with the basics as applies to facial skin care, but before we get there let’s talk about what is going on inside our bodies.

If we don’t address the problem at the source, all the rest will not be effective.  This is why we are great believers in Lorna Vanderhaeghe and her products.  You see, our skin is a reflection of what on going on inside.  If we are healthy, our skin will naturally glow.

Next, but not least, we must take care of our skin: keeping it clean, toned and moisturized as well as applying sunscreen daily even in the winter.  Dermalogica is the only line we use because it has proven to show results, and is all botanical.  Come in and try it today.  Begin with a free Face Mapping where we will tell you the exact products for your facial skin type.  Everyone is different and everyone requires customized care.  Don’t forget: you’re worth it and so is your skin.

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