Genetic or Hereditary Factors

Skin tags; no one likes the sight of them. But where do they come from? Well, you can thank your family for this one. Studies have shown a genetic predisposition to the development of skin tags.

Some of us are more prone to skin tags than others. Fortunately, the soft, benign bumps that can show up anywhere from your eyelids to your groins are harmless. Many of us have just one or two. But for the unlucky few who are genetically inclined, they might have a dozen or more. It’s all part of our nature, just like curly hair or green eyes.

And, of course, there seem to be genetic factors outside of conditions like these which still cause skin tags. Little research has been done into the topic yet. But it’s perfectly obvious when you think about it.

How do we know, then, that skin tags have a genetic cause? Like the genes for height or red hair, there are genes which predispose somebody to skin tags. So, if your mother has a dozen skin tags, you probably will too.

Scientists have found that since skin tags aren’t the most important genetic condition they’re working on fixing. Skin tag removal procedures are easy. However, if your skin tag increases in size, changes in colour, or causes you pain, see your doctor immediately.

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