There are a number of causes associated with developing skin tags. Friction is a common reason, but the picture may be far more complicated.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons:

Skin Rubbing Against Skin, Jewelry or tight Clothing

The main reason they are thought to be caused by friction are the locations they are commonly found. They are located under the arms or breast, around the neck or eyes, and underneath the fold of the buttocks.

If regular skin cells become stretched and elongated, whether by friction or a lack of elastin in the skin it may cause skin tag. So we could expect to find large numbers of skin tags around the neck or anywhere that skin is consistently rubbed.

This is especially the case for skin tags around the neck. Anybody who wears a necklace will experience it rubbing against the skin. Not to mention that everybody has to live with a collar and tie around their neck due to their professional occupation.

The friction that clothing and jewelry around the neck cause is perhaps the most common reason why skin tag around neck grows. And for overweight individuals, the extra skin around the neck can play a role too.

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