Skin tags on the neck are a type of benign growth, characterized by a small piece of soft hanging skin attached by a narrow stalk. Most skin tags typically are small 2-5 mm in diameter but may become as large as a grape size.

Skin tags shouldn’t cause you any pain unless there is a source of irritation.

There are a number of causes associated with developing skin tags, however the most common reason for skin tags around the neck is skin-on-skin friction and skin irritation by clothing and jewelleries.

Skin tags removal, age spots removal Nell Laser Clinic

Skin tags removal, age spots removal

Skin tags are caused by skin rubbing against skin, Jewelry or tight Clothing

The main reason they are thought to be caused by friction are the locations they are commonly found. They are located under the arms or breast, around the neck or eyes, and underneath the fold of the buttocks.

If regular skin cells become stretched and elongated, whether by friction or a lack of elastin in the skin it may cause skin tag. Then we could expect to find large numbers of skin tags around the neck or anywhere that skin is consistently rubbed.

This is especially the case for skin tags around the neck. Anybody who wears a necklace will experience it rubbing against the skin. Not to mention that everybody has to live with a collar and tie around their neck due to their professional occupation.

The friction that clothing and jewelry around the neck cause is perhaps the most common reason why skin tag around neck grows. And for overweight individuals, the extra skin around the neck can play a role too.

Skin Tags, moles, warts Nell Laser Clinic

Skin Tags, moles, warts

Skin tags are caused by genetics

Medical conditions that affect the body’s control of the skin also is thought to play a role. These range from genetics to hormonal fluctuations, and over weight to type 2 diabetes.

But where do they come from? Studies have shown a genetic play a role to the development of skin tags.

Some of us are more prone to skin tags than others. Fortunately, the soft, benign bumps are harmless. Many of us have just one or two. But for the unlucky few who are genetically prone, they might have more. It’s all part of our nature, just like curly hair, height or red hair or green eyes.

Scientists have found that since skin tags aren’t the most important genetic condition they’re working on fixing. Skin tag removal procedures are easy. However, if your skin tag increases in size, changes in colour, or causes you pain, see your doctor immediately.

Skin Tags can be removed by different methods.

Cauterization- The skin tag is burned off using electrocautery

Laser- flat skin tags can be removed by the laser beam

Cryotherapy- is a skin tag treatment that removes tags by freezing them using liquid nitrogen spray. It takes several days before that tags fall off. Skin scaring could result from treatment.

At Nell Laser Clinic we guide you to identify the reason for skin tags on the neck and recommend specific treatments for neck skin tags. Overall, this guide helps you with everything you need to know about what causes skin tags and how safely and successfully remove them using Nd:Yag Laser technology of the highest standard and electrocauterization.

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